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November 2014 - Kiki Reflects

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A Few Things I’m Grateful For

Beautiful Autumn Leaves

Beautiful Autumn Leaves

I took this holiday challenge where we had to list what we were grateful for (Day 3 I believe), and bless someone’s life.  As I started to think, I got inspired:

Beautiful autumn leaves against a wispy sky,

The scent of oak as the wind whistles by,

Sharing with my mom a warm cup of chai,

Laughing so much a tear falls from my eye,

These are a few things I’m grateful for this nigh’.

Good friends I can email and call,

With a warm heart and reassuring words, tell me to stand tall,

Long talks with my aunt and grinning at her love of baseball,

Looking at my husband, and realizing we have it all,These are a few things I’m thankful for this fall.

A sister who makes me feel special and unique,

Jogging with my husband on the path by the creek,

Love of family is what makes life sweet,

These are a few things that are wonderful to me.

My grandfather stepping on my dress as we walked down the aisle,

The eyes of my husband and stepson when they smile,

Together at Cathy’s, sitting and cuddling by the fire,

These are a few things I find worthwhile.

Remembering why I’m so thankful for this life,

Honored and grateful to be a friend, daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, sister, stepmother, and wife.

Happy Thanksgiving!

How We Created a Yoga Room in a Rented Apartment, and Made Money in the Process

Our New Yoga Room

Our New Yoga Room


If you’re serious about yoga, you’ve probably considered having a dedicated yoga space in your home. (This also makes sense if you’re trying to save money, because going to a yoga class easily costs $10-20 per lesson.)

A quick internet search told me that creating a home yoga space is “easy.”   However, after seeing photos of beautiful, lush, wooden-floor, high-end home yoga rooms, I thought to myself “Sure, it’s easy… if I had a million dollars, owned my own home, and could put in whatever kind of flooring/decorations I wanted.” Instead, my husband and I have a mostly carpeted, two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment – ~1000 square feet in size.

Discouraged, I stopped the search… for a while. My husband and I continued to practice yoga in our living room. Because of our carpeted floors, a few months ago, we purchased two LifeBoards (~$120 each from Amazon).

The LifeBoards were great – completely worth the money. (Especially considering we reduced taking expensive lessons at the studio.) That said, every time we wanted to do yoga in our living room, we had to push the coffee table aside, put the life boards down on the floor, and slant the TV towards us. Not a lot of work, but enough to make us skip a practice or to because of the trouble.

About a week ago, when we were in our then-guest room/office, my husband said to me: “Why don’t we make the guest room into a yoga room?” At first I said no, but the more I thought about the idea, the more I liked it… and I finally agreed. Here’s how we did it:

1. Decide whether you really want to dedicate a whole room to yoga. If it’s your guest room or your office, consider how often you use the space and whether you would use the yoga space more often. Would it benefit your health, well-being, or sense of peace? For us, it was a no-brainer. We only have stay-over guests once every couple of months, whereas we do yoga multiple times per week. Plus, we planned on keeping the Ashley sleeper chair; it would just now be in another room. We also had a very nice air mattress that we occasionally used – that was always an option for guests.

2. Figure out which furniture/stuff you’re going to get rid of (or move to another room). For us, the guest room had a digital piano I was no longer using, and a sleeper chair we do use occasionally. However, we also had a chaise in our living room that was taking up a lot of space, but wasn’t very functional. We decided to sell the piano and the chaise on Craigslist, and move the sleeper chair to the living room. We chose to keep the desk in the corner of the yoga room, because we still would have plenty of space for yoga, and we will probably still use that desk in the future.

3. Sell your bigger stuff on Craigslist. I prefer Craigslist for bigger items, because I don’t have to worry about shipping. (We originally sold the piano, but then had to refund the money because it turned out to be broken. We did make money from selling the chaise though.)

4. Remove clutter and stuff you don’t need from your yoga room. Sell or donate smaller stuff. For us, we had a small plastic filing cabinet that we moved into a closet. Take the time now to vacuum/clean the floor.

5. Add desired items to the yoga room. Since we had been doing yoga in the living room, we simply moved our LifeBoards, yoga mats, blocks, straps, containers holding these items, etc. into our yoga room. Also, we decided to move a TV we weren’t using from our bedroom to the yoga room. We used the Ikea piano bench we already had as a TV stand.

6. Stand back and look around! Once I had a dedicated yoga room, I felt like a boss. My first yoga practice in our new room felt wonderful and peaceful. It was also great to not bump into anything.

Good luck!! I would love to see photos of new yoga rooms posted in the comments below!!

By the way, does anyone have any tips for doing yoga in an efficiency/dorm room? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Namaste 🙂