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Feeling Trapped - Kiki Reflects

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Feeling Trapped


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Several years ago, I felt called to a higher purpose; however, I wasn’t sure what that meant.  One thing I was sure of: I wanted to leave my job and do something else, like writing, counseling, or teaching yoga.  However, I couldn’t leave because I felt trapped, like a caged animal.

There were several reasons I felt this, the main reason being finances.  I had student loans to pay back, as well as a hefty car payment.  I quickly realized that, to have more freedom, meant I needed to be financially free first.

Therefore, I started paying down my debt.  While my husband and I were dating, he started paying down his debt too.  Just taking steps towards financial freedom made the daily rat race of going to work bearable again.

Then, after we got married, we attacked our debt together.  Now, we are proud to say we are debt-free!

Paying off our debt gave me the confidence to submit my resignation letter from active duty naval service.  It as though a weight has been lifted and I find myself freer and more peaceful.

Now, I ask you, are you in a job/career that is leaving you feeling less-than-fulfilled?  If so, what is keeping you there?  And what can you do about it?


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