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Overwhelmed by Baby Supplies - Kiki Reflects

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Overwhelmed by Baby Supplies


My husband and I are expecting our first baby together (due in about two weeks-eek!), and we are super excited.

Earlier in my pregnancy, my husband and I were in the mall one day, and we happened to see a Buy Buy Baby.  We thought, “let’s just go in and check it out.”  Well, as soon as we walked in, I looked around at all of the baby stuff, and it felt like it went on for miles.  Clothes, diapers, furniture, bath items, toys, gadgets…  Every spare inch of the store was covered, and my, were those walls high!  I immediately felt overwhelmed.  I almost cried.  In fact, I believe there were a couple of tears.

I thought to myself, all of this stuff exists just for babies?!  How in the world are we ever going to get ready in time?  How am I going to decide what we need to have versus what would just be nice to have?  Are we going to have enough room in our two-bedroom apartment?  And, finally, how are we going to be able to afford all of this stuff?

We walked around the nursery displays, which were oh-so-cute, but expensive.  Finally, we left, and I felt… defeated.  I realized I had my work cut out for me.

In the days and weeks that followed, well-intended friends and family started asking questions like, “Have you finished your registry for your baby shower?” or “Is your nursery all ready?”  Baby websites I had signed up for sent daily emails with seemingly never-ending To Do lists.

I turned to Google.  I looked up just what the baby really needed.  I found Lucie’s List, which turned out to be a big help.  I used the recommendations from Lucie’s List to build our registry.  I talked to my husband for his input.  Once we made progress on the registry, I began to feel better.

I also searched YouTube for “nursery on a budget.”  I was particularly interested in nurseries in small spaces.  I watched several videos, and I liked this one and this one.  Seeing those videos made me think, “I can do this.”  I also built a nursery board on Pinterest to start collecting ideas.

Over time, we received a lot of baby gifts from friends and family.  We also received barely used items from friends with toddlers, happy to be rid of some of the baby stuff that was now cluttering their homes.  Because of this generosity, my husband and I found that we didn’t have to spend nearly as much money as I thought we did.

Over time, we slowly built our baby stuff inventory.  For a while, we stored it in the spare bedroom.  Then we transformed it into the nursery.

Sometimes, I ask my husband, “What did people do before all of this baby stuff was invented?”  I mean, do people really need all of this stuff?

Is anyone else out there feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of baby supplies out there?  What did you do that helped?


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