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Part One of the "Best Of" Vegan Cosmetic Series: Introduction - Kiki Reflects

Kiki Reflects

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Part One of the “Best Of” Vegan Cosmetic Series: Introduction

Part One of the “Best Of” Vegan Cosmetic Series: Introduction

I’ve always loved makeup.  I remember my 13th birthday when my mom took me for my first makeover.  We ended up buying most of the products they used on my face.  I was thrilled, and the products stayed with me for a long time.

Now, here I am, in my 30’s, and I still love cosmetics.  I generally use makeup to hide my rosacea and dark under-eye circles (I’ve worked long hours in the military=not enough sleep).  In the photo below, I am sporting a more natural makeup look.  One that is office-appropriate.


As I get older, I care more about what is actually in my cosmetics and how they’re made.

Since I try to eat mostly vegan and gluten-free, I want the same in my cosmetics.  I was already gravitating towards vegan toiletries for a while; my favorite companies were Arbonne and Simple.  However, after I read this article, it made me think.  What was lurking in the products I was using?  After a few ingredient searches on the products I was using, I did not like what I found.

As a result, I started seeking out new products, ones that pass both tests: 1) to be vegan; and 2) to be free of harsh chemicals.  Equally important is that they need to work!

And, as if that wasn’t difficult enough, I have another restriction.  I’m trying to do this on a budget.  As in, without spending a small fortune replacing all of my products at one time.  So, I’m replacing my products as they run out.

Do you have any suggestions for the “Best Of” Vegan Cosmetic Series?  Products that meet the strict standards above?  If so, please comment at the bottom and I will check them out!

Up Next: Part Two of the “Best Of” Vegan Cosmetic Series: Best Eye Makeup Remover, Overnight Moisturizer, and Eyeshadow Primer


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