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A Few Things I'm Grateful For - Kiki Reflects

Kiki Reflects

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A Few Things I’m Grateful For

Beautiful Autumn Leaves

Beautiful Autumn Leaves

I took this holiday challenge where we had to list what we were grateful for (Day 3 I believe), and bless someone’s life.  As I started to think, I got inspired:

Beautiful autumn leaves against a wispy sky,

The scent of oak as the wind whistles by,

Sharing with my mom a warm cup of chai,

Laughing so much a tear falls from my eye,

These are a few things I’m grateful for this nigh’.

Good friends I can email and call,

With a warm heart and reassuring words, tell me to stand tall,

Long talks with my aunt and grinning at her love of baseball,

Looking at my husband, and realizing we have it all,These are a few things I’m thankful for this fall.

A sister who makes me feel special and unique,

Jogging with my husband on the path by the creek,

Love of family is what makes life sweet,

These are a few things that are wonderful to me.

My grandfather stepping on my dress as we walked down the aisle,

The eyes of my husband and stepson when they smile,

Together at Cathy’s, sitting and cuddling by the fire,

These are a few things I find worthwhile.

Remembering why I’m so thankful for this life,

Honored and grateful to be a friend, daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, sister, stepmother, and wife.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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