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What do babies dream of? - Kiki Reflects

Kiki Reflects

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What do babies dream of?

I was watching my baby son sleep, and I noticed him making “nursing motions” with his mouth.  He was obviously dreaming.  It made me wonder…


Our little one, at 12 days old: http://www.rebeccadanzenbaker.com/newborns

What do babies dream of?

Blue animals with cotton candy clouds,

A world where darkness never shrouds,

An endless supply of tasty milk,

Diapers made only of silk,


Forever snuggling in their mothers’ arms,

Acres of petting zoos and rolling farms,

Soaring as airplanes in their fathers’ hands,

Someday traveling to foreign lands,


A never-ending game of peekaboo,

An ever-lasting supply of teethers and toys to chew,

Myriad stuffed animals who cuddle and talk back,

Never having to worry if they are “on track,”


Someday growing up,

Finally learning to drink from a cup,

Conversing with another baby?

Connecting with others, maybe?


Perhaps, instead, their dreams are not images, but feelings,

And much more important than our everyday dealings.

Comfort, security, and peace.

Love, and the space to just… release.

Maybe this is what babies dream of.


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